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Saigon Center Dental Clinic is the leading and reputable dental clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, with a team of well-trained dentists and various policies to support foreigners who come here for dental treatment.

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Saigon Dental is the good dentistry for foreign guests in HCMC
Saigon Dental is the good dentistry for foreign guests in HCMC - Source:

Saigon Center Dental Clinic is a good quality dental center in Ho Chi Minh City for foreign guests. This is a leading clinic with more than 10 years of experience located in District 3 - where many foreigners live. 

The clinic specializes in high-end dental services such as dental implants, cosmetic porcelain veneers. To date, it has successfully treated more than 5,000 patients regionally and internationally. More than 90% of its clients refer their friends and relatives in need of dental care to the clinic.

Outstanding advantages at Saigon Center Dental Clinic

1. Gathering a team of leading Odontology experts in Ho Chi Minh City 

The clinic has a team of full-time graduated experts in Odontology with over 10 years of experience, typically Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Tan, Dr. Tran Ly Tra My and Dr. Nguyen Taxi. With their extensive experience working in international hospitals and large aesthetic dental centers, these dentists can help you achieve a healthy and beautiful smile similar to those provided by dental centers in the US, Canada, Singapore, and other countries.

Information about training diplomas and certificates of doctors is displayed at the clinic. Patients who come here can verify the credibility of the expertise of the doctor who will treat them.

The doctors' schedule of examination and work according to the plan and the duration of the client's stay in Vietnam. Prioritize the implementation of services quickly, save time and do not need to wait long. Such as: All On X instant prosthetic implants only 3-7 days; Cosmetic porcelain teeth limited grinding real teeth are completed quickly with only 2 appointments in about 3 days, ... Therefore, dentistry completely solves the problem of saving time of foreign visitors to Vietnam for tourism combined with dental work.

The doctors and staff at the clinic are proficient in foreign languages. Clients can feel comfortable coming for consultation and directly discussing with the doctors without worrying about language barriers. The cost of consultation with the doctor is free, so readers can confidently come here. 

2. Reputable dental address that is easy to find, convenient to move

The clinic is located at 378B Vo Van Tan Street, Ward 5, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City with a large and luxurious scale that is easy to recognize. Clients who come here for dental examination can travel by personal vehicle or book Grab easily. 

Below are the distances from some locations and central districts of Ho Chi Minh City to Saigon Center Dental Clinic. You can refer to them in advance for convenience when planning to come for dental check-up and treatment at this address:

  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport: 8 km - 24 minutes
  • New World Saigon Hotel: 3.3 km – 12 minutes
  • Indochine Ben Thanh Hotel & Apartments: 4.3 km – 16 minutes
  • Sheraton Hotel: 6.2 km – 17 minutes
  • The Luxe Hotel 4.1 km – 12 minutes
  • District 1: 2.2 km - 9 minutes
  • District 2: 8.6 km - 20 minutes
  • District 5: 4.7 km - 16 minutes

The duration for a dental consultation appointment is about 30 minutes. Depending on the service, there will be a total of 2-4 appointments. On average, it takes about 2 visits to Vietnam for full-mouth implant placement. You should directly discuss with the doctor to arrange the most convenient schedule and plan for your trip to Vietnam.

3. Modern dentistry with FDA-standard procedures and safe materials

What makes Saigon Center Dental become a prestigious dental address in Ho Chi Minh City and chosen by many foreigners is that the clinic imports all equipment from well-known dental brands such as Sirona (Germany),Scanora (Korea),...

The prestige of the clinic is also affirmed in its commitment to using high-quality materials. All of them have a clear origin, committed to a long-term warranty. The clinic is a partner of globally famous implant suppliers such as: Nobel Biocare Implant Cylinder; Neodent Implant Abutment; Superline implants; Straumann Premium Implant Cylinder Line, Zirconia Porcelain Teeth, Cercon HT Porcelain Teeth, Lava Plus Porcelain Teeth, Emax Press Veneer Porcelain Surface,... 

space of saigon dental
Morden equipment and large space in Saigon Dental Center - Source:

4. Optimal cost, maximum support policy

You can easily find out the cost of treatment through the service price list posted publicly on website. The cost here is all-inclusive, with free dental check-ups, consultations and X-rays. 

Compared to other dental clinics in the same segment in Ho Chi Minh City, the cost of dental check-ups here is considered reasonable and much lower. In comparison to dental clinics in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, the cost of dental treatment here is three times cheaper due to the following four reasons:

  • The cost of living in Ho Chi Minh City is lower than in countries such as the UK, US, Germany, and Australia, making dental treatment costs more reasonable.
  • The cost of training dentists is lower, which means there is no need to recover the high costs of training dentists. Saigon Center Dental  excludes the cost of dentists in its treatment fee.
  • Vietnam focuses on developing medical tourism, which includes dental tourism, making it possible for dental clinics to offer affordable prices to foreign clients.
  • The cost of dental materials and equipment in Vietnam is lower than in foreign countries, allowing for lower dental treatment costs.

For the above reasons, if you choose Vietnam as an affordable dental treatment destination, Saigon Center Dental can be a great option. Below is a price list of some of the main services at the clinic. If you are interested, you can contact this unit directly for a more accurate quote.



Single Implant (Biotem, Dentium, C-Tech, Superline, Neodent, Straumann)

600 - 1500

ALL ON 4 Implant 

5500 - 6000

ALL ON 6 Implant

7.500 - 8.500

Zygomatic Implants - "All on 4", full arch, fixed bridge


Porcelain Crown

60 - 430

Porcelain Veneer 

300 - 450

Teeth Whitening


Metal Brace

700 - 4000


3.000 - 4500

Wisdom tooth Extraction 

50 - 150

Root Canal

145 - 65

Dental Filling

15 - 50

5. Dental clinic specializing in dental care for foreign customers with many 5-star ratings

Compiled information on the Google Review page shows that nearly 100% of customer feedback for dental treatment at this clinic is rated 5/5*. All foreign patients have had positive experiences at the clinic. Below are some specific customer reviews and successful treatment images at Saigon Center Dental Clinic.

Review for Saigon Center Dental Clinic from foreigns
Review for Saigon Center Dental Clinic from foreigns - Source: WhatClinic

Some photos of clients successfully treated at Saigon Center Dentistry

If you are a foreigner living in Vietnam and instead of flying back home for dental treatment with high costs, you should choose Saigon Center Dental Clinic. Or if you are a foreigner planning to come to Vietnam for dental treatment, we encourage you to contact the doctors at this clinic for online consultation beforehand. This is the simple good way for you to have a successful and satisfying dental treatment in Vietnam while saving time.

With more than 10 years of experience in providing dental treatment for foreigners, Saigon Center Dental Clinic confidently treats all cases from simple dental filling and treatment of tooth decay to difficult problems such as long-term tooth loss, complete loss of teeth,… and put sustainable effectiveness first. This helps customers avoid the risk of returning to deal with incidents that require a lot of effort and cost. 

before and after implant in Saigon dental
Customers with dental implants in Saigon Dental - Source:
Customers perform crowns in Saigon Dental
Customers perform crowns in Saigon Dental - Source:

Information about Saigon Center Dental Clinic

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